May Update & Recent Projects

Hey guys!

I thought I’d check in as May has been a pretty busy month. During winter I was doing a lot of family photographs and a couple weddings but things have taken an interesting turn.

Some of my recent projects have been around technology and brands, which isn’t the first thing I would have thought I’d be photographing when I started this business. There are some really cool new things coming that are changing the way the world works and I guess in my own way it’s something that I’m glad to be a part of bringing to life. One of those is 3D printing technology. I talk about that photoshoot here.

Currently, I’m doing a photo shoot for Bundleboo to use in their marketing materials. It’s nice to get out of your comfort zone and try a new things once in a while and this definitely added a bit of spice to my resume. It’s always fun working with babies and mothers. :)

Upcoming Projects
Coming soon I’ll be working with more technology as I’ve found a new found interest in all things electronic. Vacuums are boring, but there are some new things happening in the field of robotic vacuums that I look forward to shooting. Also a few more opportunities in a sister industry of wearable electronics like the new actions sports cameras by companies like Go Pro. They’ve recently released their latest model the Go Pro Hero 4 and it’s getting a lot of media attention. Hope to have some fun doing outdoor and action photography. Should be a blast!

Another project I’ll be doing some is field work for Energy Smart Australia helping them prepare a consumer guide on getting government grants for solar panels. Very exciting!

A few friends have been working on their blogs. Follow them and help them by commenting here, here and wayyyyyy over here.

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